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A Word About Podcasts

The website is my way of sharing research that didn’t make its way into the book and the experience of writing Becoming the Beach Boys, 1961-1963.  Additional posts are in the works and will appear soon.  Some of the site’s posts expand on stories that appear in BBB61-63; others are Beach Boys-related but outside the purview of the book.

It occurred to me some additional stories are better served by the telling rather than the reading.  Accordingly, I’ve added a Podcast menu page that initially will contain radio interviews I’ve participated in, but that will later include discussions of Beach Boys-related events and people back in the day.  First up on the Podcast page is a radio interview with WFDU that aired August 23, 2015:  Third Annual Beach Boys Bash on “The Vintage Rock & Pop Shop,” conducted by Ghosty.  There are also links to Ghosty’s interviews with David Marks, David Beard, and Barbara Eden.

Does anyone want to hear what it was like for me to pull the book together (the research, interviewing the folks behind the Boys, some of whom have since passed away) and what being a Beach Boys fan and collector means to me?

Feel free to comment and let me know what you’re interested in — let’s have fun (fun, fun) with this!

Find podcasts on the Podcast page:

~ Jim

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A companion animal veterinarian in Washington, DC, with a life-long affinity and love for the music of the Beach Boys.

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